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Have you ever been framed? 

The frame is the perspective outsiders have of your wealth management company. It may be accurate or false. Positive or negative. But if you haven’t actively nailed down what your business stands for—and what differentiates it from competitors—you’re likely reducing profits, talent, and the longevity of your firm. You’ve Been Framed gives you a process for taking control of your firm’s frame to attract prospects into your pipeline, win the next generation of clients, and deepen your business so it can thrive long into the future.

Whether you want to sell your firm for the greatest return or watch it prosper in the hands of a successor, this tested and perfected five-step system walks you through creating a powerful new frame to meet the goals for your practice by:

  • Determining how you are framed by current clients
  • Exploring what you’d like to be known for and matching it with your clients’ actual needs
  • Creating a marketing story to communicate your new frame
  • Reengaging your clients with the new story so they can rediscover your firm’s services 
  • Building a network of trusted professionals who can deliver on your promises and be brand promoters
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The Goods: What the Book Contains 

This book provides all the tools you need to consider how you may wish to reframe yourself, your team, and your firm! 

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